The Impact of Oil, Gas Waste Management on the Environmental Industry

June 19, 2019

Oil, gas waste management involves a long, intensive permitting process and answering to regulatory agencies with demanding rules. “Operators must undertake an extensive geologic investigation and submit geotechnical analyses, drawings, fill progression, drainage, and a final grading plan. Additionally, a closure cost estimate is required to get bonding for closure,” says Neil Nowak, SCS Engineers project director who works with clients who own or manage oil and gas waste disposal sites in a recent Waste360 article entitled Three Industry “Bigs” Delve into Oil, Gas Waste Management as Market Surges.

Discoveries in the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale are driving significant activities in the industry, and are creating a demand for environmental consultants and engineers, such as Nowak, helping to protect the environment while supporting the capital outlay by industry.

Now that the U.S. is a major player, the activities are going to impact our economy well into the future. The difference between previous discoveries and what is happening in the Permian Basin now is that we have stricter regulatory rules and both wastewater producers and waste management carefully follow them.

No one wants to endanger the environment and drinking water supplies, that’s bad business and unnecessary with today’s expertise and technologies available. “Our clients need a combination of industry know-how, geologist, hydrogeologists, and environmental engineers with decades of experience in hazardous waste management, water and soil containment and treatment,” states Nowak. “Protecting the environment is a part of doing business now.”

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