Meet Staff Professional Andrew Ard

December 18, 2015

SCS Engineers presents a behind-the-scenes look at the special people who make us thrive and the roles they play within the organization.

Meet Andrew Ard - Staff Professional at SCS Engineers Dallas/Fort Worth
Meet Andrew Ard – Staff Professional at SCS Engineers Dallas/Fort Worth

Andrew Ard’s interest in the environment started when he was a junior in high school. He took a required environmental science class and it opened his eyes to opportunities he was truly interested in pursuing.  His interest led him to enroll in a five-year Environmental Engineering Master’s program at Texas Tech University.   During his studies, Andrew discovered he wanted to explore more about landfill work so he seized the opportunity as an intern with the leading company in the solid waste industry: SCS Engineers.

Andrew remembers as an SCS intern, he was given the opportunity to work on projects under the supervision of engineers.   Also, he was given a view of how an engineering consultancy worked and it prepared him for a career once he graduated from university.  Now as a Staff Professional, Andrew enjoys a variety of projects at SCS which includes construction and design planning, while utilizing programs such as AutoCAD/Civil3D, or reviewing and implementing regulations.  One of the reasons he decided to stay and start his career as a young professional after receiving his masters was the passion he saw in SCS employees.

At SCS, Andrew states that everyone is very passionate about what they do.  They truly enjoy and are proud of their work.  Furthermore, SCS is very fast-paced with lots of projects.  Some may not enjoy the high-pressure environment, but he thrives on learning something new every day.  He remarks that his supervisors assign their employees just the right amount of work and they place them in a position to succeed.  Also, with SCS being an employee-owned ESOP company, Andrew really feels that he is invested in the company and its success.

For future SCSers hoping to succeed, Andrew has this piece of advice: “Make sure you ask a lot of questions.  If you’re not sure about something, ask and learn; there are multiple people that you can go to with your questions.  It’s a really free-thinking environment.  If you are a young adult looking to get into the solid waste industry, there’s no better place to learn than SCS.”

Join the SCS team!
Join the SCS team!

If a future with an organization like SCS Engineers and a career path like Andrew’s is something you’re interested in, please visit the SCS Careers Page for all of our available job openings.

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