Benefits of Deep Well Injection for Waste Disposal and Climate Change

Underground injection is a safe and proven way to manage, sequester, and isolate unwanted fluid wastes. The focus of this article is on underground injection in the context of the benefits provided to manufacturing and facility operations. In this context, the two most beneficial underground injection operations are Class I and Class VI UIC Wells.

The economic factors for Class I UIC vary based on the geographic location of the well, geology, and construction material prices and should be considered on a project-specific basis. For Class VI wells, the economics are currently driven by financial incentives related to national goals to lower greenhouse gas content in the atmosphere. Through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, facilities that capture and sequester CO2 can qualify for federal tax incentives (45Q).  You will find more details in the recently published article in The Illinois Manufacturer, Third Quarter 2023 Edition, below.

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