SCS Engineers Welcomes Dr. Siamak Modarresi

August 18, 2023

Dr. Siamak Modarresi
Dr. Siamak Modarresi joins SCS Engineers supporting its Landfill Leachate and Industrial Wastewater Treatment teams throughout North America.


Siamak Modarresi joins SCS Engineers in our Bellevue, Washington, office location as the newest member of our Environmental Services practice. Modarresi supports SCS’s Landfill Leachate and Industrial Wastewater Treatment teams throughout North America.

Modarresi earned his BS and MS in Chemical Engineering and obtained his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington. He has his PE in Chemical Engineering in California.

He most recently worked for a global sustainability firm providing design and project management for membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment systems. This experience and knowledge translate as direct value to SCS’s clients, who face strict regulatory wastewater laws, emerging contaminants, and increasing costs for operational pretreatment systems.

Water fulfills critical functions in all industries, but much of the water results in industrial wastewater. Every effort is made to reduce water usage and treat wastewater to make it reusable or safe to discharge. Recycling wastewater is a feasible, cost-effective option. Newer, industrial water purification technologies that scale and are field-proven make it economically and environmentally feasible. Following treatment, wastewater can become an asset instead of a potential liability.

“SCS handles these complex projects, including developing pretreatment systems for FOG, ammonia, heavy metals, high-strength wastewaters and leachates, and mixed waste streams,” said Greg Helland, vice president, and the northwest region business director. “Membrane bioreactors treat high organic strength wastewaters, and anaerobic MBRs can provide a revenue source as renewable energy; that’s where Siamak’s industry expertise supplements our teams’ value.”


Welcome to SCS, Siamak!


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