Renewable Natural Gas – RNG

compressed natural gas projectsNatural gas, as consumers use it, is altered from the natural gas that is captured from underground up to the wellhead. Natural gas processing consists of separating all of the various hydrocarbons and fluids from the pure natural gas, to produce what is known as “pipeline-quality” dry natural gas, or renewable natural gas (RNG).

SCS Engineers designs and builds systems that capture, purify, and compress natural gas for injection into pipelines or liquefy the natural gas (LNG) for transport. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) can be the economical choice when the construction of pipelines is not feasible.

SCS Engineers employs advanced technology to reduce the costs associated with the liquefaction and regasification of LNG. The use of LNG allows for the production and marketing of natural gas deposits that were previously economically unrecoverable.

SCS Engineers uses the following technologies:

  • Gas Compression and Chilling
  • Gas Pre-treatment – H2S, VOCs, Siloxanes
  • Gas Separation – Membranes, Pressure Swing Adsorption, Solvents
  • Gas Transmission Pipelines

A large number of industries are taking advantage of the benefits of renewable natural gas, including: