Sustainable Design/Build – LEED



SCS Engineers offers a range of professional design and design-build services intended to reduce environmental impacts, increase occupant comfort, and improve building performance.

Our sustainable design values include the ability to enhance site potential, reduce non-renewable energy consumption, use environmentally preferred products, increase indoor environmental quality, and optimize operational and maintenance practices. Implementing a sustainable design philosophy encourages decisions at each phase of the design process without compromising the bottom line.

SCS staff is experienced at evaluating HVAC systems and their controls.  We provide the following services:

  • Investigating HVAC systems and equipment and associated controls systems
  • Calculating heating and cooling loads compared to existing equipment capacities
  • Identifying deficiencies or potential savings related to improperly sized equipment
  • Presenting equipment options to match requirements based on existing conditions, desired controls sequences, and system efficiencies
  • Identifying low-cost operational and maintenance improvements, as well as larger repairs
  • Capital intensive recommendations
  • Corrective actions

Furthermore, we employ a host of energy-saving measures, including:

  • Time-of-day scheduling
  • Unoccupied setback
  • Automated temperature and pressure resets and lockouts
  • Economizer operation and demand control

If our design-build-operate services are of interest to a client, we will develop a comprehensive energy model to reduce energy consumption and improve occupant. comfort based on the expected life of the facility. The framework uses a model that is designed to support decision-making during the design phase.  It is then validated during the construction and commissioning phases, and continuously utilized for environmental control for operations.