Underground Injection Control

National Expert: Monte Markley


SCS Engineers has provided fluid isolation storage and disposal consulting since 1989. More specifically, SCS is highly experienced in gas storage, underground injection control (UIC), and mining fluid disposal, having conducted projects in 15 states and five Environmental Protection Agency regions.

gas injection wells
Drilling an injection well

We have developed a thorough understanding of the complexities of the UIC program, its variations by region, and the practical solutions required for the successful implementation and operation of these projects. We have also developed excellent professional working relationships with staff in various regulatory agencies across the nation and have often been called upon to restore damaged relationships and get troubled UIC projects back on track.

SCS has been involved in all stages of project execution and is well-positioned to assist you. Our experience includes facility development, feasibility studies, market analysis, financial modeling, facility and UIC permitting, well drilling and completion, well workovers, operations, and regulatory compliance services.

Our UIC services involve a wide array of underground injection well classifications and include:

  • Class I industrial and municipal disposal wells
  • Class II oil and gas injection/disposal wells
  • Class III salt and uranium solution mining
  • Class III Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) storage, and natural gas storage wells
  • Class V non-hazardous waste disposal wells

In addition, our firm has experience in the storage of natural gas in deep saline and freshwater aquifers and depleted petroleum reservoirs (porosity storage), and in fluid disposal for limestone, coal, salt, and precious metal mines. We have supervised the drilling of more than 100 deep wells ranging from 2,000 to 13,800 feet in depth, considering both vertical and horizontal completions. We thoroughly understand the latest drilling and well-completion technologies.

You will find additional information about our deep well injection services here.

Our video library contains a presentation about a resurgence of underground longwall operations with the migration of Appalachia-based coal mining operations over the last decade.

Geologic Feasibility of Class I Injection Wells in the Deep Portion of the Illinois Basin