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RETA News to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

November 23, 2021

Congratulations, Bengie.


That turkey doesn’t get to the table without a lot of help. the Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association (RETA) is the most recognized organization in the country dedicated to the professional development of industrial refrigeration operators and technicians. These are the people who help keep food cold and safe! SCS Engineers recently celebrated two SCS Tracer professionals at RETA’s 2021 National Conference.

Thanks, Eric!

Eric Girven was honored with the Guy R. King Memorial Award for his outstanding performance educating and training RETA members to operate ammonia refrigeration systems safely and efficiently. Mr. Girven is a Project Manager and an Ammonia Refrigeration Advisor in SCS’s Tracer Environmental practice. Very active in RETA and the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration, Eric is an industrial refrigeration process safety management, risk management, and energy management, expert. He conducts mechanical integrity inspections, process hazard analysis, compliance audits and is a certified industrial refrigeration instructor.

Bengie Branham, pictured above, joins Daryl Davis, Eric Girven, and Gene Dumas as RETA Authorized Instructors. Our SCS colleagues are highly qualified trainers for RETA’s credentialing program. There are only 23 RAI-certified trainers in the country. Each works tirelessly to help operators and technicians learn and certify themselves to run ammonia refrigeration systems safely.  Learn more about education and certification here.


We’re proud of our fellow SCSers and thankful to work with them as they protect the health and safety of others while getting food safely to your Thanksgiving dinner table and to those in need. Happy Thanksgiving!






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SCS Engineers Expands National RETA Certified Training Programs

August 20, 2021

SCS Engineers’ RAI’s have over 56 combined years of industrial refrigeration expertise. Meet our newest team member!


Daryl Davis, RAI

Meet RETA Authorized Instructor (RAI) Daryl Davis.  Davis joins the SCS Tracer Environmental training team providing ammonia refrigeration safety, Risk Management Plans, and Process Safety Management certified training.

Welcome, Daryl!


This SCS team offers comprehensive programs including Ammonia Refrigeration Operator Classes, RETA Certification Review Classes, PSM/RMP & General Duty Clause Safety & Compliance Classes for Ammonia Refrigeration Facilities, Continuing Education, & Custom Training Classes.

SCS’s RAI’s have over 56 combined years of industrial refrigeration expertise. Our trainers use an online delivery system with a live instructor, or on-site, in-person classes, to ensure you continue training for Process Safety Management & Risk Management Program compliance. Hands-on site training can now take place under even noisy plant conditions using high-tech headsets.


RAI – RETA Authorized Instructors have certifications in their mastery teaching advanced refrigeration system concepts and operations at a level that qualifies them to assist CARO, CIRO, CRST, and CRES candidates with their preparations and activities required to earn RETA credentials.

  • CARO – Certified Assistant Refrigeration Operator,
  • CIRO – Certified Industrial Refrigeration Operator
  • CRST – Certified Refrigeration Service Technician, and
  • CRES – Certified Refrigeration Energy Specialist


Get the latest in RETA certified training news and classes. The Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association (RETA) is the most recognized organization in the U.S. dedicated to the professional development of industrial refrigeration operators and technicians.






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If you want to learn more about safety, ask Bill Lape!

August 10, 2020

SCS Project Director, Bill Lape, is an expert in the development and deployment of standardized Risk Management and Process Safety Management programs, including process safety program implementation and support to manufacturing facilities that utilize ammonia as a refrigerant.



That’s Bill Lape in a word. Bill is a Certified Industrial Refrigeration Operator, a Certified Refrigeration Service Technician, and a member of the National Board of Directors of the Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association – RETA. He is also a certified Process Safety Management Professional through the University of Wisconsin.

and he’s a wonderful writer. Here are two of Bill’s most recent articles.


PSM SAFETY & COMPLIANCE CONSIDERATIONS IN THE AGE OF PANDEMICS  PSM safety programs and training remain a top priority during the pandemic. While online training is not a complete substitute for live, face-to-face PSM training and instruction, in the age of pandemics, it is a viable option. What to look for in PSM – ammonia refrigeration system safety training?

EPIC FAIL: ICE BUILD UP  When developing your inspections for your system’s mechanical integrity program, always be mindful of the potential consequences of ice buildup, particularly if it continues for an extended period of time.






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RETA Operator Training from the Comfort and Safety of Home

May 13, 2020

No airplanes, trains, buses, taxis, or Uber required.

SCS Engineers has been working diligently these past few weeks to bring online training to you. With our Tracer team’s dedication, we are excited to let you know, SCS is offering these online classes:

  • Ammonia Refrigeration Operator I & II,
  • Intro and Advanced PSM/RMP/GDC,
  • CARO Review,
  • CIRO Review, and
  • Custom classes

Use our online program to safeguard your operators’ continued compliance education for Process Safety Management and Risk Management Program regulations.

Check out the classes here and register to reserve your spot with one of our in-house RETA Authorized Instructors (RAI).







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