Orange County Waste Management Commission Presentation

June 8, 2017

Tom Rappolt, QEP, SCS National Expert on Odor Assessment presents to the Orange County Waste Management Commission today.

Mr. Rappolt was invited to speak based on his presentation at Waste Expo last month; proactively identifying and controlling odors from landfills. Every landfill with decaying waste will produce odors. In the past, this nuisance was considered something that could not be controlled, and most people learned to live with landfill smells. Tom Rappolt knows better; Tracer science, technology, and expertise can do more than cover or neutralize odors.

Orange County is known for taking preventative actions, rather than reacting, to environmental issues that could annoy citizens. Tom is briefing the commissioners on Tracer science and the methodology he uses to identify the source of odors and prevent them. He will step through the planning and implementation steps using specific case studies and examples to illustrate the processes and technology.

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Posted by Diane Samuels at 3:52 pm