Congratulations to these Environmental Leaders

July 10, 2024

Congratulations to Tim Buelow, Bret Clements, and Kevin Jensen for their environmental leadership.


Since joining SCS in February 2023, Tim Buelow has quickly established himself as a highly respected and trusted advisor within the industry. Known for his thorough evaluation of complex scenarios and ability to consider multiple perspectives, Tim has successfully led unique projects for clients in Iowa. Clients value Tim’s technical expertise and rely on him to provide innovative solutions to their most pressing issues.

Internally, Tim is known for his humility and collaborative nature, always willing to share his knowledge and mentor colleagues with his client-first approach. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Tim has been promoted to Project Advisor, where he will continue to deliver exceptional service to clients at a high technical level.

Outside of work, Tim celebrates important milestones in his personal life, including 20 years of marriage to his wife Heidi and raising two sons. In his free time, Tim enjoys quality time with his family and sharing his passion for music by playing trumpet and euphonium alongside his sons at local churches.


We are thrilled to announce Bret Clements’s promotion to Project Director at SCS! Since 2008, Bret has showcased exceptional leadership, driving the success of key client projects and fostering growth within our engineering team. His dedication and hard work have been pivotal in completing numerous Renewable Natural Gas projects.

Bret is passionate about developing our staff in Overland Park and ensuring their professional growth. His business acumen and analytical skills are vital in addressing business challenges and driving continued success.

Congratulations, Bret, on your well-deserved promotion!


Kevin Jensen has been promoted to the role of Project Manager at SCS. Since joining our team in February 2023, Kevin has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication to our Iowa industrial clients. His commitment to delivering projects on time and within budget has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor in compliance and engineering services. Kevin’s proactive approach to client advocacy and his ability to keep our internal team aligned with project goals have been instrumental in our continued success.

A native of north-central Iowa and a graduate of Iowa State University, Kevin brings a wealth of experience from his time at John Deere and ADM before transitioning to consulting in 2016. Outside of work, Kevin enjoys relaxing on his deck, listening to music with his fiancée, and tending to their lively menagerie of two dogs, ducks, and chickens.

Please join us in congratulating Kevin on his well-deserved promotion. We are excited to see where his leadership takes us in the future!


Please contact SCS Engineers if you are interested in working with our clients to make the world safer and cleaner!

Posted by Diane Samuels at 6:00 am