Identifying and Managing Elevated Temperature Landfills

July 25, 2023

SCS professionals can identify the ETLF warning signs which usually occur in the collection data but can be difficult to diagnose, such as enhanced volumetric gas generation associated with reaction sites.


We hope you can join SCS Engineers and Dr. Craig Benson, who studies the phenomenon, to our free, non-commercial webinar entitled “Identifying and Managing Elevated Temperature Landfills.”

At this session, you’ll get an update on the knowns and unknowns of ETLF conditions.

  • Why every operator of a sizable landfill should look out for rising temperatures.
  • What to do should you see a problem, and
  • The focus of current research as more sites are under watch.

Our ETLF session is for landfill owners, operators, technicians, field personnel, engineers, and regulators interested in learning about the latest research and mitigation strategies from the foremost experts in the field.

We encourage audience engagement with our panelists. We provide the ability to ask questions anonymously. We respect and understand your time constraints; those unable to stay on the live session will automatically receive a link to a recording.


Register here to reserve your spot for Identifying and Managing Elevated Temperature Landfills


ETLF Field Tips:

SCS OM&M teams look for these signs in the field data collected:

  • The CH4/CO2 ratio is often a leading indicator
  • Temperatures increase – real-time data of a reaction
  • Gas generation volumes increase
  • Leachate and condensate quantities increase
  • Leachate and gas quality deteriorates
  • Settlement greatly increases but is a lagging indicator


Posted by Diane Samuels at 6:00 am