Meet SCS Project Professional Amber Dittrick

December 24, 2016

SCS Tracer Project Professional Amber Dittrick

An important component to SCS’s prestige and reputation is finding young talent and cultivating the young minds who are the future of the environmental world.  Amber Dittrick, a Project Professional is a prime example of an SCS success story.  Starting as a student intern, Amber has worked her way up to Project Professional in a short time and shows no sign of stopping.

As a student at San Diego State University, Amber was unsatisfied with her choice of biology as a major.  Amber took the advice of a colleague and took a course in Environmental Science (ES).  Her interest was piqued and she was excited with the broad opportunities that ES presented.  Wanting to learn more about ES and wanting to apply what she learned at school to work, Amber pursued an internship at SCS Engineers.

In 2012, Amber secured an internship at the Carlsbad, CA office.  As an intern, Amber was taught the basics under the supervision of the full-time SCS staff.  Starting with how to read reports, to assisting in reports, to how to write reports, to utilizing excel for organizing chemicals, Amber was given a first-hand look at the projects that came through the Carlsbad office.

Amber remembers, “The internship was awesome.  I was able to learn everything before I became a full-time employee.  I enjoyed my job.  If someone came in cold, it’s a big adjustment, but I was mentored and taught along the process. As an intern, I was guided through the work and I felt like I was immediately part of the team.”

The internship cemented Amber’s interest in Environmental Sciences and she knew she wanted to pursue a career in ES.  After graduating in 2014 from SDSU, Amber was offered a full-time position as an SCS Associate Professional.  With a couple years of internship years under her belt, Amber enjoyed a smooth transition to a full-time employee.

In her first couple of years, Amber had many achievements but one she remembers distinctly has to do with Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBP).  She organized a project to complete HMBP for clients and approached them with proposals.  The project was a great success and Amber was directly responsible for bringing a significant amount of revenue to the company.  Amber was asked to speak about her success at the yearly SCS Business Development meeting and holds the record for the youngest person to present.

Currently Amber is a Project Professional and Amber recognizes her success was aided by her years she spent as an intern.  When asked what she sees in her future, Amber replied “I like to think outside the box.  I want to broaden our business development and I want to continue to make money for the company!”

If a future with an organization like SCS Engineers and a career path like Amber’s is something you’re interested in, please visit the SCS Careers page for all of our available job openings.

Posted by Diane Samuels at 3:00 am