Harlan Felt

Mr. Felt is a Project Professional in our Tracer division. He has 19 years of experience in upstream and downstream oilfield facilities. He has 10 additional years in oilfield (and similar) environmental design experience where he led multi-disciplinary teams from concept to completion. His engineering specialty is in oil, gas, and refineries. Mr. Felt is a California Registered Civil Engineer.
His background experience includes preparing Spill Prevention, Control, Countermeasure Plans (SPCCs) and other required oilfield environmental submittals; reporting of waste discharge (ROWD) for an oilfield fill; creating API-653 tank inspection programs; coordinating repair work; providing oversight for the refinery Process Safety Management (PSM) compliance program; performing annual updates to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); performing five yearly update of the Process Hazard Analysis (PHA); preparing compliance documents for local operators; year-end air permit reporting; CARB greenhouse gas reporting; flood studies; engineering design of vessel pads; grading plans for industrial parks and commercial development, and tabulating facilities AFE costs.