Jim Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence is a hydrogeologist with 20 years of experience in all aspects of hydrogeology. Mr. Lawrence leads the Texas solid waste landfill groundwater monitoring program for SCS. He works to resolve problems that arise with groundwater monitoring, including assessment monitoring, corrective action, landfill gas, and alternate source demonstration issues. His primary focus for the last ten years has been on solid waste landfill groundwater and geology issues. Current responsibilities include supervising the sampling, data reporting, and statistical analysis for several city-owned municipal solid waste landfills. His job experience includes extensive permitting-related hydrogeologic characterizations of solid waste landfill sites. He is experienced with the design and implementation of Subtitle D groundwater monitoring systems, assessing groundwater geochemistry, soil and groundwater assessment investigations, risk reduction rules, landfill alternate liner design, groundwater modeling, design and implementation of numerous large dewatering systems, design of water supply wells, managing waste injection wells, managing CERCLA and RCRA investigations, and waste analysis/characterization programs.