Nathan Eady

Mr. Eady is a Vice President, Project Director, and land-use planner for SCS Engineers where he provides both technical and managerial support for various environmental, regulatory and land use projects. He is also SCS’s National Oil and Gas Expert. He has nearly 15 years of experience in land-use planning and regulatory compliance. He currently leads SCS Tracer’s Central Coast Compliance environmental services group, overseeing offices in Santa Maria and Bakersfield, California.
Mr. Eady’s previous professional experience includes employment as a Senior Land Use Planner for the County of Santa Barbara and an Associate City Planner for the City of San Diego. During his employment as a land-use planner, Mr. Eady reviewed development projects for compliance with zoning regulations and environmental law and developed new general plan documents and zoning ordinances for local jurisdictions. In this capacity, he reviewed various development projects, including oil production facilities, for compliance with applicable County codes and completed CEQA review, staff reports, and the public hearing process. This work included coordination with numerous local, state, and federal agencies such as the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Fish and Game, US Army Corps of Engineers, CalTrans, Santa Barbara APCD, Santa Barbara Association of Governments, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, California Geologic Survey and the California Department of Housing and Community Development.
Practice Areas
Mr. Eady is currently leading the effort to restore and expand production for many of California’s most active oilfields. As part of this process, Mr. Eady is managing the development of several complex land-use permitting and conservation strategies for Santa Barbara County’s major onshore petroleum operators.
In addition to these land-use permitting services, Mr. Eady also oversees the ongoing environmental compliance efforts for over 20,000 acres of oilfield facilities in northern Santa Barbara County. This includes the routine mapping, inspection and environmental assessment of active, idle and abandoned petroleum facilities.
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