Complying: CA Industrial General Permit – IGP Storm Water

March 4, 2016

Who needs to comply with California’s Industrial General Permit for storm water?


This workshop was insightful, tightly constructed, and – most impressive – able to deliver high quality information that businesses can use immediately. I have been to hundreds of business workshops where companies feel drowned in the amount of expert information coming at them. Not so at this concise, one-hour workshop where businesses clearly understood the next steps they should take and where they can find resources to help them proceed.

Jo Marie Diamond, President and CEO, East County Economic Development Authority after attending the SCS seminar in San Diego, CA. on March 1, 2016.


SCS Engineers staff professionals are available to answer questions about compliance and the proposed fee schedule changes for attendees and any business unsure about the storm water permit. We can help clarify questions such as:

  • Who needs to comply, including the required list of Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes, which includes many businesses you would not suspect! List of businesses affected here.
  • Compliance basics – How and what to file
  • Can I get out of the permit?
  • Are there value creation opportunities to minimize cost and still comply with the permit?
  • Liability issues – Can I be fined? How Much? Will Environmental Non-Government Organizations target my business for lawsuits? What is my recourse?
  • If I am a tenant, what is my liability to a property owner and what steps should I take to protect myself?
  • If I am a property owner, am I liable? What steps should I take during a purchase or lease to protect myself and inform my tenants of their legal obligations?

See the slide presentation here if you have not attended the seminars.

If you have questions about how the storm water permit could impact your business, or would like to know more about the permit fees, please contact Cory Jones, your nearest SCS office in California, or .

Cory Jones, P.E., ToR, QSIP, is a stormwater program manager at SCS Engineers. Jones manages complex projects for private and public clients that include site/civil, water/wastewater and stormwater engineering. He has completed a wide variety of special studies in storm water management and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance for federal, state and municipal public agencies.

Posted by Diane Samuels at 3:40 pm