Brian Duffy

Mr. Duffy is a Senior Project Manager experienced in LFG control and recovery. His LFG experience includes the OM&M of LFG and LFGE systems, and non-routine repair and emergency call-out response of the LFG collection systems at various landfills in southern California, southern Nevada, and Arizona.
Mr. Duffy’s responsibilities include environmental compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, project coordination/scheduling, supervision of field staff, safety plan preparation, field data analysis, compliance reporting, reporting field conditions and recommending solutions to clients, proposals and budget preparation, cost control, invoicing and contract administration. Mr. Duffy has conducted various odor source and mitigation studies for the City of San Diego, managed blower/flare station replacement/construction projects, flare source testing, well installations, and LFG collection systems upgrades projects, and has experience in managing AB 32 LMR and NSPS 40 CFR 60.767(I) Tier 4 surface emissions monitoring. Other notable experience Mr. Duffy has includes expanded monitoring, sampling, and laboratory data analysis for landfills with exothermic reactions. He has managed projects to track hydrogen gas generation, target heat extraction, and manage liquids recovery at Republic Services landfills.