Eric Popken

Mr. Popken is a Project Manager specializing in groundwater and environmental services, including phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, Remedial Action Plans and construction work plans, Periodic Review Reports, hazardous waste management, routine site monitoring reports, and spill & site closure requests. He is experienced with active and former retail petroleum sites, petroleum distribution terminals, landfills, inactive hazardous waste disposal sites, dry cleaners, industrial facilities, state superfund sites, and stream bank restoration projects. He also has experience with a wide range of contaminants including petroleum LNAPL, chlorinated solvents, pesticides, herbicides, PCBs, and metals. Mr. Popken is a licensed Professional Geologist in New York.
Mr. Popken also has experience overseeing and executing environmental field activities including soil boring/monitoring well installation in both soil and bedrock, UST & soil remedial excavation oversight, installation of remediation system components, soil vapor intrusion sampling & mitigation, and community air monitoring.
His prior experience includes stewardship of company and client required health & safety standards, including the Loss Prevention System (LPS) – an industry leading behavior-based health and safety management system widely used by major petrochemical corporations; as well as performing environmental tasks related to petroleum spill sites, including soil and groundwater analytical sampling and depth measurements, assisting in the installation of groundwater and soil remediation systems, and contamination site investigations.