Suzanne Sturgeon

Suzanne Sturgeon is the Health and Safety Program Manager for SCS Field Services OM&M and SCS Energy. In this role, Ms. Sturgeon is responsible for program development and implementation, including all operational and administrative policies and procedures. Ms. Sturgeon monitors all field and administrative projects to be sure they are compliant with company, industry, and regulatory standards. Ms. Sturgeon manages the Health & Safety (H&S) training efforts for Field Services & Energy, as well as develops and conducts cultural-based training within the Company to promote understanding and participation at all levels while encouraging a behavior based philosophy essential to eliminating unsafe practices and conditions. Ms. Sturgeon conducts on-site safety assessments and provides incident analysis and feedback of all reported incidents and near misses as a means of promoting a proactive safety culture. Ms. Sturgeon has over 10 years of industry experience managing safety programs and has been integral in SCS’ efforts to eliminate OSHA reportable incidents, lost work days and reduce the company’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR). Ms. Sturgeon is a Certified Safety Management Specialist and is in the final stages of receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Health & Safety Management.