Tina Schmiesing

Ms. Schmiesing has a diverse background in geology nearly 30 years of professional experience. Prior to joining SCS, she performed geotechnical investigations and regulatory evaluations of geological and hydrogeological aspects of solid waste landfills. Subsequently, over her two decades at SCS, she has been involved in numerous projects involving environmental investigation of hazardous chemicals in soils and groundwater at hazardous and solid waste sites.
Ms. Schmiesing has participated in a certified health and safety program in compliance with OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.120. She is knowledgeable in incident response operations, team functions, personnel safety, and field equipment. She is able to recognize and evaluate potential chemical and physical hazards and associated risks in field operations; discuss and use personnel protective equipment such as respiratory protection and protective clothing; use and interpret direct-reading instruments; and examine and establish Standard Operating Safety Guidelines to ensure safe and effective response operations.