Tom Lock

tom lock

Mr. Lock is a Vice President of SCS and O&M Regional Manager. He has over three decades of experience in landfill gas (LFG) collection system operation and maintenance (O&M), environmental regulatory compliance, site assessment, and post-closure care. He manages technical staff working on projects throughout the Northeastern United States.
His background includes developing and/or evaluating monitoring equipment; actively participating in planning and management of research and development and construction projects; managing ongoing environmental sampling and monitoring programs; reviewing gas system construction designs; managing LFG collection system O&M; developing and delivering technical training sessions; evaluating, coordinating, and tracking expenses; and hiring and evaluating engineering technicians.
Formerly with the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts (LACSD), Mr. Lock managed a staff of 20 engineering technicians at several landfills in the County. He was responsible for O&M of the gas collection systems at two landfills, including flaring stations, condensate and leachate collection systems, and odor control systems. Both sites supplied fuel to gas-to-energy or compressed gas facilities. Other responsibilities included groundwater quality and runoff monitoring at six landfills, a transfer station, and a refuse-to-energy plant; regulatory compliance monitoring of surface gas emissions and ambient air at two landfills; and ash sampling at a refuse-to-energy plant.