Tracie Bills

Ms. Bills has over 20 years of materials management experience, including working for a hauler, a county government, and a non-profit; she also has over 10 years with materials management consulting firms. She has provided commercial sector materials flow assessments, green events project management, construction and demolition (C&D) research, and recycling and waste management technical support to government agencies and businesses throughout Northern California. A skilled communicator, Ms. Bills specializes in managing technical and outreach projects, conducting research and analysis, and evaluating customer service for municipalities, businesses, and haulers throughout the Bay Area. An expert in the regulatory environment affecting management decision-making and a strong believer in transparency, she takes pride in her ability to engage stakeholders in meaningful, action-oriented ways to drive higher levels of customer service.
Recent projects include completion of a residential survey for the City of Santa Clara Cleanup Campaign; researching and writing the AB 1826 Organics Management Plan and advising on commercial technical assistance for Los Angeles County; researching grants, loans, and funding for an alternative energy client, a climate inventory submission, public space recycling, and the commercial recycling permit process; auditing customer service and scale house operations for RethinkWaste; preparing an organics study for multi-family dwellings in San Francisco; mandatory organics research for the cities of Alameda, Fremont, and Union City; mandatory recycling technical assistance for StopWaste; anti-scavenging research for RethinkWaste; and project management for 15,000 visual characterization audits in the cities of San Jose, Fremont, and Richmond for Republic Services.