Amy Dzialowski

Ms. Dzialowski is our National Expert on Brownfields Grants. She brings over a dozen years of experience to the SCS team, and specializes in brownfields redevelopment, environmental planning, NEPA compliance, natural resource studies and environmental site assessments. As an urban planner with environmental and land use planning expertise, Ms. Dzialowski understands the many challenges of environmental compliance and urban redevelopment projects. She works closely with public and private clients to provide advisory services, public engagement, environmental strategies, and risk protection.
Ms. Dzialowski has directed and provided assistance for many public meetings, forums and stakeholder events. She has also served as the steering committee contact and liaison for several large transportation corridor projects involving multiple jurisdictions and lead agencies. Her experience and commitment to brownfields redevelopment goes beyond the technical to include the identification of funding opportunities, grant application preparation, and grant administration; public outreach, agency coordination and partnership development.
Contact Amy at 405-264-3624 or