Michael Flanagan

Mr. Flanagan is a Project Manager in our OM&M division. He has nearly a decade of operational/construction experience involving operation monitoring and maintenance, construction of LFG collection systems including installation of blower/flare stations components, leachate/condensate collection and pumping systems, groundwater pump and treatment system and activated carbon vent systems, pipe line installation (both PVC and HDPE) and automated methane gas detection systems. His experience includes operating and maintaining LFG environmental control systems to meet Bay Area and Central Valley APCD, Title V, and state regulations and requirements. His experience includes implementation of necessary routine and non-routine repairs and maintenance required to keep the systems operational and in compliance with various prescribed operating parameters and goals; perform, supervise and/or assist in required maintenance and repairs and interact and/or manage subcontractors and vendors needed to assist with maintenance of the systems. He is also responsible for preparing monthly reports, invoicing, recording field observations, and recommending repairs or other system modifications to maintain compliance.