Robert Fowler

Projects performed by Mr. Fowler include working with several solid waste disposal facilities in Arkansas to assist in bringing the Landfills into compliance with applicable Federal and State solid waste regulations. Additional tasks associated with projects performed by Mr. Fowler include subsurface drilling, geologic and lithologic logging, aquifer testing, groundwater monitoring system installation, lithologic logging of soil and rock core samples, groundwater sampling and analysis, soil sampling, storm water sampling, analytical evaluation, statistical analysis of groundwater data, landfill flare and gas monitoring systems, regulatory compliance, NPDES services and decibel testing. Mr. Fowler has experience in the areas of Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and Limited Site Investigations (LSIs). Job duties for projects of this type have included assessment, characterization and remediation of contamination at various sites throughout the State of Arkansas. While working on these projects, Mr. Fowler performed such tasks as soil sampling, soil gas surveys, subsurface drilling and monitoring well installation, and sampling of temporary monitoring wells, as well as collection of soil and rock core samples.