Thomas Rappolt

Mr. Rappolt, QEP, is a Vice President and Project Director of SCS Engineers. He is a Senior Air Quality Meteorologist and SCS’s National Expert on Odor and Tracer Gas Studies. He has over 40 years of program management and technical experience in air quality compliance and pollutant dispersion and air measurement programs. He is considered an expert in atmospheric dispersion and transport of airborne pollutants, particularly in the area of complex terrain, including overwater/coastal meteorological regimes, as well as inter and intra building processes.
Mr. Rappolt he has designed and implemented over 40 atmospheric monitoring networks and comprehensive field measurement programs involving toxic chemicals and molds, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, metals, odorous compounds, criteria pollutants, and other targeted compounds of interest including chemical and biological warfare agents. Many of these measurement studies required support monitoring of local meteorological parameters, including upper atmospheric data using an array of direct probe and remote sensing devices. Mr. Rappolt has served as an expert witness in the area of meteorology, atmospheric dispersion, and odor impacts on numerous legal cases, hearing boards, and programs which have regulatory significance.
Due to the ongoing threat of terrorism with the possible use of biological, chemical, and nuclear agents, Mr. Rappolt has led the effort within SCS to apply his monitoring and dispersion expertise toward conducting programs related to homeland defense. These programs have included infiltrations studies on selected buildings using tracer science as well as studying dispersion in extreme urban environments to validate crisis management models.
Mr. Rappolt has applied his technical knowledge of pollutant movement and formation in the atmosphere to help assess and mitigate industrial odor issues. He has developed a method to assess a specific facility’s odor footprint and how that footprint affects compliance to nuisance regulations. This method, which incorporates onsite monitoring, modeling and surveys, has been very effective in isolating cost effective mitigations to resolve odor issues. This approach has been successfully utilized at manufacturing facilities, wastewater treatment plants, landfills and composting operations.
Mr. Rappolt has been active in participating with state and local regulators regarding the formulation of greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations. As a stakeholder representative for industry, Mr. Rappolt is a member of several early action committees for the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regarding the implementation of AB32. In this capacity, Mr. Rappolt has provided testimony before the Air Resources Board regarding the severity of impacts these regulations could have on California businesses. Mr. Rappolt also serves on the Industrial Environmental Association’s Air Quality Committee which is active in assessing compliance strategies for industries subject to AB32 based regulations.
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