Daniel Johnson

Dan Johnson, P.E., is a Vice President of SCS Engineers and a National Specialist on Brownfields and Landfill Redevelopment. He serves as a project manager and project engineer for solid waste projects on solid waste sites in the United States and overseas. Mr. Johnson has 30 years of experience providing environmental assessments, remediation services, professional civil engineering, civil engineering design, and project management. He is a nationally recognized expert on the handling of hazardous materials issues related to real estate transactions and development on contaminated properties. His experience includes Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), subsurface investigations, and selecting remedial alternatives for site cleanup, obtaining environmental permits, and interfacing with regulatory agencies. Mr. Johnson also has supervisory experience in a variety of public works and environmental specializations, including solid waste landfills and transfer stations, environmental site remediation, flood control and drainage facilities, water supply, sanitary sewers, streets and traffic systems, subdivisions, and commercial and industrial developments. Mr. Johnson applies his strong knowledge of environmental affairs to deal effectively with environmentally impaired properties. He is routinely invited to share his expertise at conferences and workshops for hazardous waste issues related to real estate transactions and Brownfields.
Contact Dan at 858-571-5500 or DJohnson@scsengineers.com

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