Daniel Johnson

Dan Johnson is a Vice President of SCS Engineers and a National Expert on Brownfields and Landfill Redevelopment. He is highly experienced in environmental affairs, having managed or been involved with over 1,000 site assessments, including Phase I ESAs, subsurface investigations of chemicals in the vadose and groundwater zones (Phase II), and site remediation, including selection of remedial alternatives for site cleanup. He also has been instrumental in obtaining environmental permits and interfacing with regulatory agencies. Mr. Johnson serves as a member of the San Diego RWQCB, and has managed or been involved with close to 75 site closures.
Mr. Johnson is well acquainted with current practices regarding environmental assessments, and has spoken at or chaired numerous conferences on hazardous waste issues related to real estate transactions and Brownfields redevelopment. In addition, he has managed numerous site assessment and subsurface investigation projects, including soil boring and monitoring well programs as well as soil gas and geophysical surveys. He has also managed projects where soil vapor extraction (SVE) and bioremediation technologies were utilized for the remediation of the soil and groundwater.
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